Commercial Projects

Power Factor is your go-to for commercial jobs.​

Power Factor has operated as a successful small business in Baltimore since 2013, so we understand the investments involved in running a business as well as the accompanying challenges. That’s why we devote a great deal of time and consideration to our employee selection process for our team – so your job is done right.

When you hire a commercial contractor from the Power Factor team, you ensure your system will be installed correctly and perform efficiently year after year.

Electrical Projects

Commercial electric projects come with an entirely different set of specifications and potential issues than their residential counterparts. Although they both need to be well-lit and secure, every minute a business is without power is another dollar lost, each one carrying the potential to negatively affect your Baltimore business as well as your employees. We understand that time is money, so we will install, maintain and repair your system as quickly and efficiently as possible to make sure you can get back to work. We also hire state-certified master and journeyman electricians who have the knowledge and the experience to get your commercial job done correctly the first time.

Photovoltaic Solar PV

A solar panel is comprised of group silicon cells, which in turn gather energy from the sunlight. In a solar farm arrangement, multiple panels, such as arrayed at a solar farm, generate energy. There are two types of solar farms, photovoltaic and thermal. If you’re interested in a solar farm installation on your Baltimore property, grants and loans are available. For larger solar installations or any commercial project, contact us. An investment in solar energy now can save you in the future.

Energy Storage

Power Factor keeps up with the latest products and training in the storage sector. We are trained and certified in most of the major battery manufacturers currently available like; Enphase, Kohler, and Generac just name a few.

Commercial Services

A Custom Off-Grid Solar Solution for Your Washington Property

When it comes to solar energy, Power Factor understands that a one size fits all approach is ineffective and does the customer a disservice. We design an array of solar panels to the specific dimensions of your Washington property as well as your energy needs and goals. There are several variations of off-grid solar power, and the technicians at Power Factor in Washington have the skills and knowledge to design and engineer your system regardless of the size and scope. From design to final installation, we offer complete project solutions in Washington that will help you get off the grid.

We Also Provide:

Energy Analysis

Do you feel like you are using more power than you should be? Maybe you need to know if your current Electrical infrastructure can support new equipment. We have the equipment to accurately monitor and analyze your consumption and usage to make precise recommendations for your specific needs.

Cell Communications

Our extensive electrical and technological background is a natural fit for the Cellular Industry. We offer most all other facets of the electrical cellular site. Services like; power upgrades, repairs and equipment relocation.

Directional Boring

Power Factor has an entire Team and Division that offers Directional Boring and underground services. We utilize the latest equipment and technology to offer a fast and price effective solution.

We're proud to offer commercial services in Baltimore and worldwide.

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• Commercial, rooftop and canopy solar
• Utility ground mount solar
• Off-grid and Industrial scale storage installation
• LED upfits and energy conservation
• Commercial Electrical services
• Military electrical services
• Patent pending wire for faster more cost effective solar
• Military tested and approved portable solar/storage designs